To fill everyone in on what’s going on, I have been slacking, but for good reasons. I have still been writing music each and every day but I will not be releasing any new material for a little while. You can check out my soundcloud if you would like to keep up with short ideas I’ve been working on, but as for full tracks, I’m taking a little break to work on other things.

I’m moving to Austin, TX in two weeks and that has been taking a lot out of my time with packing, preparing, and making sure everything is in order so that I’m not in panic as the date draws nearer. I will be out there working with a buddy of mine on a new project that will remain nameless for now, but I can promise you that it will deliver.

The EP release of “In Between Ghosts and Objects” went very well and I want to thank every one of you that downloaded it and said good things. Belladonna Records has been super awesome and has come through on all of my meticulous and small-detail rockstar requests. Please keep spreading the word about HCA and I will be back with something special for you guys very shortly. This move is going to be one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

In the meantime, here are a few projects I’ve been jamming lately that I suggest you check out:


The Great Mundane


Zach Meredith

Miniature Airlines


and aside from the music, be sure to follow my boy MaxBinet’s label/collective/movement THE TANGLED WEB WE WEAVE straight out of the PDX.

Seriously, go check all of that out. You’ll thank me later. See you guys soon.




Instrmental band from Lafayette, LA (2007-2009)

For Fans Of Post Rock

download their full length below

The White Horse Tabernacle

The White Horse Tabernacle - For Those Who Know That Science Is Mediocre (2009)

1. Intro

2. Someone Vs. Someone

3. Distress In The Control Tower

4. HS1946-7658

5. Flutter

6. May Cause Sudden Error In Movement

7. Marching Steps Of The Water Cougar

8. No I

9. We Are What We Were And What We Will Be Again

10. Microscopic Giants

11. Outro

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Belladonna Records Blog: New Electronic artist "High Class Animals" Album - Experimental IDM Ambient Goodness


Belladonna is proud to announce our 14th release!

“The beauty of the EP “In Between Ghosts & Ojects” really shines when you listen from start to finish. The five songs are intertwined and…

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High Class Animals and DRKTWr collaboration. Check it out, pass it around, turn this shit up.

Source: SoundCloud / HIGH CLASS ANIMALS

High Class Animals and Raspy Meow have collaborated to bring you the


Source: SoundCloud / HIGH CLASS ANIMALS

Patrick Bailey made this video, and Patrick Bailey is the man. Check it out. XC2HCA



BITWΛVE collective

We just added High Class Animals to our line up so check it out! Bookmark our page! Tell everyone you know!

Promotion would mean the world to all of us, so please reblog so we can reach as many people as possible.

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